The Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy’s Advisory Board advises the organization on policy issues and helps raise the visibility of the organization across the state.


Steve Burgos
Director, Boise Public Works Department

Michelle Britton
Retired, Health and Social Services Administrator

Hal Bunderson
Retired CPA and partner in international accounting firm, Former Idaho State Senator

Jerry Evans
Retired, Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction

Bev Harad
Former Boise School Board Trustee & Community Advocate

Jasper LiCalzi
Professor of Political Economy, The College of Idaho

Sue Lovelace
Step Ahead Idaho

Christine Loucks
Professor of Economics, Boise State University

Bob Maynard
Chief Investment Officer, PERSI

Rich Toney
Retired, Senior Vice President, Bank of the Cascades

Karan Tucker
Executive Director, Jannus